Bonnie J. Smith

45 Devine Street
San Jose, CA1
95110 US


Artist Information for Bonnie J. Smith

My loves and longings in this world are people and places.  By recreating textile artworks of these visits to wonderful places with people I love are worth a million dollars in memories.

By taking pictures it allows me to hold onto the memories and use them as a guide for recreating the day in colors that put a song in my heart.

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Beach Glass

Beach Glass43h x 39w   Photo by Spring Mountain Gallery

Constantly trolling the Pacific Coast looking for images in the rocks to create new work from this is one design I have loved to play with over and over.

View From Above #3

View From Above #344h x 39w   Photo by Spring Mountain Gallery

Using my original design I used fabrics that depict the Valley that I live in, strong & rich all working together.