Gail Baar

1080 Beechwood Road
Buffalo Grove, IL
60089 US

Artist Information for Gail Baar

Solid, square shapes cut without a ruler, make a bold statement. I work in the abstract, relating color to shape, and emphasize form on a white background. Color is an inspiration and obsession. Hand-dyeing fabric can result in flat colors, or yield interesting, understated texture. At a distance, focus is directed towards the structured whole but up close fabric and grain intrigue.

Improvising through design, I begin with one color from my own hand-dyed fabric. A form begins to emerge on my design wall as I introduce more fabric, mixing colors and shapes. Keeping a limited palette streamlines the design to what is essential, bold and graphic. Stitching adds a finishing touch to the piece giving texture and depth to contrast its flatness.

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ColorForm 17

ColorForm 1744"H x 71"W  

ColorForm 15

ColorForm 1517"H x 25"W